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Village Life Experience Tour at Kumarakom Village, Alleppey

Village Life Experience Tour at Kumarakom Village, Alleppey

Detailed Description

Visit Kumarakom village and experience the village life that will take you back to your innocence. Kuamrakom is a village is situated in the Kottayam district. Untouched by the mighty hands of industrialization and much of the repulsive transformation of urban sophistication, offers a paradisal experience to the traveller. 

There will be a guide who will accompany you through the tour and will show you around. you can see  the farm land, fishing etc and can also interact with farmers with the help of guide.

There are two types of packages

Full-day package

Half-day package

Full-day package – ‘A day in the shoes of a farmer’

In this package you will get to visit the expansive farming tracts and interact with the farmers with the help of the guide besides trying your hands on catching fish, relishing the charm of serene paddy fields etc.

Duration of the trip - 6 hours

Starting time of the trip - 8 am onwards

Stopovers - Kaippuzhamuttu Bridge, Nalini's house, Mohan's Farm, Paddy fields, Sebastian's farm, Joychan's farm, Thankappan's House, Pallichira

Simple Traditional Kerala lunch also included in the Full Day Package

Price: Rs. 2,650/- per person

Half-day package – ‘Beyond backwaters’

In this trip you can experience the serene  back waters , canal ride on a country boat, villages,  the way of life there,  witness craft making etc.

Duration of the trip - 3.5 hours

Starting time of the trip - 9 – 12 noon and 2pm to 5 pm

Stopovers - Kandan Kavu, Creche, Bow & arrow fishing, Catch net fishing, Leelamani's house, Leela's house, Sosamma's house, Backyard garden, Plantain orchard, Sarosh's house

Price: Rs. 1,750/- per person

A Glance of the Stopovers in These Tours:

Full-day Package – ‘A day in the shoes of a farmer’

Your journey will begin from Kavanattinkara, Kumarakom at 8 am after a briefing session. Accompanying you will be a guide who will take you through expansive farming tracts and also introduce you to the farmers behind the effort. The trip will be made by country boat, bicycle and auto rickshaw.

Kaippuzhamuttu Bridge - Journey will start from the Kaippuzhamuthu Bridge from where you can see traditional duck farming in the backwaters. Nearby, in a farmyard, you can watch and learn the complex Process of converting coconut husk into coir fibre.

Nalini's house - Try your hand at coir making at Nalini's house, where you can observe the different stages involved in the process. We then proceed to Manchadikkary in an auto rickshaw.

Mohan's Farm - Mohan, the farm club secretary, has a vast farmstead where integrated farming is practised. Along with a variety of crops there is dairy farming  and a fish pond with rohu, carp, katla, pearlspot, prawns etc.. Here, we can watch the process of tapping toddy from the coconut tree. Down the trail, we will reach a lakeside where the conventional way of fishing is followed using catch nets and rods and lines. You can also try your luck at hooking a catch. Choose from among the day's catch what you'll have for lunch

Paddy fields - You can walk through paddy fields that teem with bird life for the greater part of the year

Sebastian's farm - A successful farmer, Sebastian practices organic farming. You can get to know the different techniques he employs in cultivating his various crops organically

Joychan's farm - Joychan's is the secretary of the local farmers association, he will share with you how

Responsible Tourism is beneftting the local community through organized agricultural practices

Thankappan's House - We move on in a country boat to Thankappan's house. A quaint hut on

the canal bank and overlooking paddy fields

Pallichira - Our journey ends as we reach Pallichira, where a handmade country boat model from the Kumarakom Responsible Tourism Team is waiting for you to take back home


Half - day package - Your journey will begin from Kavanattinkara, Kumarakom at 9 am or 2 pm after a briefing session. Take to the waters for a canal ride in a country boat operated by two experienced women. Accompanying you will be a guide who will take you through the backwaters as well as the villages

Kandan Kavu - A 45-minute boat ride will take you to Kandan Kavu. Enjoy Kumarakom's unique biodiversity while you relax and watch a typical day in the village unfold

Creche – The next stop is the local Anganwadi [creche]. Don't miss this opportunity to interact with the teachers and kids studying here. The Anganwadi acts as as the nodal centre for the implementation of various schemes of the Government for the development of women and children

Bow & arrow fishing - A little ahead we can see an interesting local practice, a traditional fishing technique using bows and arrows. As the guide explains the intricacies of this method, you can also try your luck at making a catch.

Catch net fishing - Inland fishing practices have been around since time immemorial in this region. An elderly fisherman with a traditional craft and gear will take you fishing with catch nets and trawl nets to show us firsthand how it's done.

Leelamani's house - Here, local women weave coconut leaves into roof thatching. These leaves provide very efficient thermal insulation to houses. Observe the skill and speed with which they weave one leaf after another. Also, try your hand at it with expert guidance from the ladies here

Leela's house – At Leela’s house you can see the making of brooms using the veins of coconut leaves. Leela, with the help of your guide, will explain the commercial aspects and techniques involved in broom making.

Sosamma's house - Using a locally abundant resource, the screw pine, Sosamma and her family weave amazing handicraft mats. Screw pines have an almost mythical reverence in the villages and traditional Kerala mats are made out of their leaves.

Backyard garden - Homestead farming is a prevalent practice in Kerala. Familiarize yourself with the many crops found in the region as we go through the vegetable patch and participate in the farming activities. Also, taste the home grown fruits found here

Plantain orchard – you will be taken to a nearby plantain orchard managed by the local Kudumbashree (Self Help Group) unit. Kerala is known for the diverse variety of plantains cultivated, some of which can only be found in the State.

Sarosh's house - your journey will end at Sarosh's house, where he, a skilled artisan, crafts beautiful snake boat models. Take one home as a complimentary souvenir from the Kumarakom Responsible Tourism Team. You also have the opportunity to buy other exhibits on display



The respective activities mentioned in the full day and half day package stopovers

Guide throughout the trip

Lunch included in Full Day Package

Lunch can be added to Half-Day Package at a charge of Rs. 150/- per person



Transport from Hotel to Kavanattinkara, Kumarakom is not included


Applicable season:

Throughout the Year

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Half-Day Package - Beyond Backwaters

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