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Modern Art Gallery Showcase, New Delhi

Modern Art Gallery Showcase, New Delhi

Detailed Description

About the Activity:

Miniature Painting: The earliest surviving miniature paintings are on palm leaves from the 10th century and on paper from the 14th century. The images accompanied texts in religious manuscripts and illustrations of mythological epics. With the advent of the Mughals in the mid 16th century, the subjects of miniature paintings included portraits, court scenes, flora and fauna. In the Rajput (in Rajasthan) and Pahari (in the Punjab hills) courts, the paintings continued to bring to life poetry, age old legends, religious mythology and the moods of love and changing seasons.

European Traveler Artists: Early organized movement of Europeans into Indian shores occurred in the 17th century itself, with Dutch, British and Portuguese companies all attempting to gain maximum control over trading privileges in India. What started as an economic tussle between these European companies gradually made way for the supremacy of the British East India Company in the mid-18th century. The Company, as it came to be called, gradually along with the British Crown, became the imperial overlords of India, assuming economic, political and territorial control. This led to an irreversible transformation of the socio- political landscape of the country, which was now transformed into a colony.

Art Movements of 1960s: Following the decades of the 40s and the 50s, dominated by the aesthetic values of School of Paris, the Indian art scene in the 60s witnessed a change in direction: the language of traditional Indian art came back into reckoning; artists actively entered into dialogue with traditional visual language and reinvented their own contexts. The factors prompting this change were numerous.

Guided Tour of NGMA available on request

How to Get There:

Near India Gate in Delhi

Applicable Seasons:

Throughout The year

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