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Adventure Activities to do in Andaman Islands

Adventure Activities to do in Andaman Islands

Detailed Description

Holiday makers coming to Andaman Islands can indulge in an extensive array of adventure sport activities that this place has to offer. In fact they will be spoilt for choices when it comes to having a pick from amongst the list of water sports in the Andaman Islands.


Snorkeling is one of the most popular adventure activities in the lagoons of the Andaman Islands and to enjoy this adventure activity one does not have to be a trained swimmer, snorkeling can be enjoyed by both a novice as well as professionals.

However it is advisable to take some basic training from a trained professional before venturing out into the sea. A typical snorkeling kit includes a snorkel, a wet suit in case the temperature of the water is low, a diving mask along with a pair of swim fins.

Snorkeling is ideally done in shallow water’s but professionals can probably go up to 20 or 30 feet and can stay underwater as long as they can hold their breath. While doing this activity you can enjoy amazing views of the underwater marine life and explore the rarest varieties of multicolored corals. Get a feel of a Starfish or just simply watch sea cucumbers or a school of fishes that go past you as you explore the wonderland.

Apart from the regular marine life there is a possibility that you may come across rare marine life like Stingray’s, sea turtles, shrimps and seaweeds while enjoying this recreational activity. Lovers of snorkeling from all across India and abroad can come here and experience the richness of the sea life in the Andaman Islands.

Today, this recreational activity is slowly gaining popularity and can be enjoyed at numerous venues in the Andaman Islands.

Best places for Snorkeling: Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park (Jolly Buoy Island, Red skin Island), Havelock Islands (Beaches), Cinque Islands (Beaches), Corbyn’s Cove Beach (Port Blair) and Andaman Water Sports Complex (Port Blair).

Best time during the year: November to April.


Scuba Diving

The deep waters of the Andaman Islands are brimming with rich underwater treasures and the best way to explore them is by indulging in scuba diving.

While taking part in a scuba diving activity you will have to carry a cylinder of compressed air on your back attached to a breathing kit and you can remain underwater as long as the air lasts in your cylinder, scuba diving activity can be done on shallow as well as in deep water.

The major thrill of Scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the rich coral life that dominate the underwater territory and have not been exposed to any sort of damage or catastrophe of excessive tourism as a result water sport enthusiast from all over the world come here to explore the rich coral reefs, colorful fishes and mysterious remains of sunken ships of the British colonial era.

The Scuba Diving centers at the Andaman Islands have all the necessary equipment's and facilities for tourist who would like to experience Scuba Diving. Furthermore there are many skilled trainers who will take tourist on a guided tour into the deep waters in case they do not know swimming or are not confident in venturing into the deep sea themselves.

Best places for Scuba Diving : Havelock Island, Cinque Island, Neil Island, North Bay Island, Little Andaman Island, Chidiya Tapu, Corbyn’s Cove Beach and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park (Jolly Buoy Islands, Redskin Islands).

Best time during the year : November to April.


Trekking and Island Camping

The Andaman Islands offers a splendid forest cover with beautiful hills that are perfect for activities like trekking and camping for both beginners and experienced trekkers. The Andaman Islands are full of evergreen forests, massive trees, colorful chirping birds and a trek here is so fascinating that it takes you back into time.

There are several trekking routes trekkers can choose from i.e. Mount Harriet to Madhuban, Bambooflat to Mount Harriet and Durgapur to Saddle Peak and enjoy the rare forest life, flora and fauna within the deep forest of Andaman Islands.

There are many trekking expeditions in the Andaman Islands to choose from i.e. from a day long trip to multiple days and nights of expeditions which can be blended with Island camping, backpacking or hiking which further enhances the charm and charisma of the trip.

Trekking equipment's are easily available on hire at moderate rates between the months of October to May. While hiring trekking equipment make sure it not to heavy as it might cause terrible fatigue or injuries while carrying or handling it. The main trekking equipment's comprises of food, water, tents, stoves, hydration bags and many more handy and crucial items.

Best Trekking Trails

- Mount Harriet to Madhuban.
- Chidia Tapu to Kala Pahad.
- Havelock to Elephant Beach.
- Baratang to Limestone Caves.
- Diglipur to Alfred Caves.
- Diglipur to Saddle Peak.
- Trek to through the rain forest to reach White Surf and Whisper Wave waterfalls in the Little Andaman Islands.

Best time during the year : November to April, while the peak period is from December to January.



The Andaman Islands burst into the surfing scenes internationally when Jack Jackson and Chris Malloy video opus 'Thicker Than Water', featured the first known surfing trip in the Andaman region.

Being a tropical Island in the Bay of Bengal the waves here are both high performance and barreling hence making the region suitable for surfing for both intermediate to advanced surfers.

Hutbay in little Andaman Islands is one of the best surfing destinations in India as it hosts the longest beach of the

Andaman and Nicobar archipelago i.e. a 22 km stretch from Netaji Nagar at one end till Butler Bay beach at the other. The coastline is blessed with some best waves on the planet and they remain unridden except by a few blessed surfers who come here, year after year to enjoy surfing in the crystal clear waters of the most remote surfing place in the world.

With the growing popularity the Havelock Islands have also introduced surfing and is usually practiced in 3 beaches i.e. Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach and Kalapathar Beach.

Tourist keen on surfing in the Andaman Islands can start their training with experts on safety and beach awareness then move through to paddling skills and eventually learn to stand up and ride a wave and soon they will be able to ride across a wave and tear it up like a pro.Experienced surfers can directly visit the best surfing spots after considering the swell and wind conditions and enjoy the surfing on the best waves the Islands has to offer. Tourist can hire surfing boards which are easily available at the venues on a per day basis.

Best Place for Surfing : Little Andaman Islands and Havelock Islands.

Best time during the year : February to May is the best time to surf in the Little Andaman Islands.


Game Fishing

If Game Fishing is your scene, then a visit to the Andaman Islands is a must as it offers one of the last virgin underwater environments to all game and sport fishing enthusiast.

Situated in the Bay of Bengal these tropical Islands are full of rain-forests, mangroves and deep drop offs in the Andaman basin making it an ideal location for any form of fishing and angling. Even today this destination is off the grid and has barely been touched by large scale commercial fishing or by mass tourism.

Tourist can enjoy one of the most addicting of sporting past times in the Andaman Islands by chartering a boat and exploring the untouched waters for a true big game and be prepared for a fishing adventure that will certainly put them and their fishing gear to the ultimate test.

Tourist can take up game fishing with the help of local organizers whose boats are equipped with all equipment for trolling, popping and jigging and the trips range from half day, full day to multiple days depending on the traveler’s interest.

Best time for Game Fishing : October to May.


Underwater Sea Walk

Sea walking in the Andaman Islands is one of the latest attractions and is fast gaining popularity with adventure enthusiast. Visiting tourist must experience this waterborne activity as it is the first ever and the only sea walk station in India.

Sea walking can be enjoyed by non swimmers too, as the participants take a walk on the sea bed which is about 20 to 25 feet deep and are able to get a close view of the magnificent marine life which includes untouched flora and fauna, corals and a wide variety of fishes all in their natural habitat. Every participant wears a special helmet which allows them to breathe normally.

The underwater trip lasts for about 30 minutes and is completely secured with the help of certified guides who will accompany you during your underwater trip and ensure maximum protection.

After the completion of your underwater expedition the organizer will give you a CD which contains photographs and videos of your visit to the sea bed, the moments of which you will surely cherish for the rest of your life.

Best Places for Sea Walk : North Bay Island and Elephant Beach (Havelock Island).

Operational period : September to June.

Age Limit : 7 to 70 years, as long as the participant is physically fit.

Must Avoid : Travelers with medical conditions like Asthma, Heart patient or pregnancy.

Best time during the year: November to April.


Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Tourists who are unable to take up snorkeling or scuba diving can still explore the underwater marine life by taking a Glass Bottom Boat Ride.

This is a special kind of boat which has a unique transparent material (a magnifying glass) at the base of the boat which allows tourist to experience many fascinating aspects of the marine life without even getting wet.

There is no dearth of underwater coral gardens in the Andaman Islands and Glass Bottom boat rides are available at a number of spots which are famous for their coral reefs.

Best places for Glass Bottom boat rides: Jolly Buoy Island, Redskin Island, North Bay Island, Havelock Island and Cinque Island.

Best time during the year: November to April.


Other Water Sports :

Jet Ski Ride

If you are looking for a cool and refreshing way to enjoy your vacation in the Andaman Islands then just hop on a jet ski and zoom around on the calm waters of the Andaman Islands. A Jet Ski ride is safe and is handled by a certified rider and utmost care is taken regarding the safety of the tourists by the way of providing life jackets.

Tourist can enjoy this unique experience as they make their way around the Island and may even spot a dolphin or a sea turtle. Do carry your waterproof camera as you will get ample opportunities to get some great photos of some of the Andaman's most popular sites.


Banana Ride

A Banana boat ride is a very joyful activity and is enjoyed by children and adults especially if they are part of a big group. An inflatable boat similar to the shape of a Banana is used and it is connected to a speed boat which drives through the sea. During the ride the driver of the speed boat attempts to flip the banana boat upside down by taking sharp turns, each Banana boat can accommodate around 4 to 6 people and all participants are given a life jacket for safety reasons.

The funniest part about this ride is the speed boat throws off the passengers from the Banana boat as soon as the speed boat sprints across the sea. After being thrown into the water, the passengers pull themselves back into the banana boat and start afresh. This is a repetitive process of getting flung into the sea and then hauling yourself back to the banana boat. Nevertheless, a fun filled activity which cannot be ignored at any cost.


Speed boat Ride

A speed boat ride is one of the most thrilling activities tourists can enjoy in the Andaman's. Tourist can go for long rides into the sea or just a take a short spin around the bay. There are several speed boats available in the Andaman Islands which cruise at more than 50 mph tearing through the waves of the sea. They can accommodate 6 to 8 people at a time and hence are great to enjoy with family and friends.

Do not miss your chance of getting that nerve chilling experience, fast and furious racing against the water, Speed Boats give a sense of excitement that will last for long. So, hold on to your hats and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the sea.


Water Skiing

Water Skiing is fairly a new in the adventure sport arena of the Andaman Islands and is gaining popularity with visiting tourist as it offers a welcome change and adds more thrill than any other water sport.

Adventure enthusiast can take up this activity with a little practice in order to get a sense of balance in the water, but it is important that every participant should be a swimmer as during the course of this activity the tow rope attached to the boat could let go anytime during the ride.

The Andaman Islands has some of the best beaches suitable for water skiing and numerous operators at the beaches are well equipped to provide all facilities needed for water skiing.


Para Sailing

Parasailing in the beaches of the Andaman Islands is an adrenaline pumping experience that gives every adventure enthusiast a chance to enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and beaches while flying in the air.

A long rope straps a Para-sailor with a parachute at one end and a speed boat at the other end and as the boat speeds ahead into the sea the sailor gets lifted in the air. Para sailing can be enjoyed by all and no prior experience or training is required.

Best places for water sports : Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex (Port Blair), Havelock Island, North Bay Island, Neil Island, Water Sport Complex at Diglipur.

Best time during the year: November to April.



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