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High Flight Paragliding from Bir Billing to Palampur

High Flight Paragliding from Bir Billing to Palampur

Detailed Description

About the Activity:

Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying Para gliders: lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft with no rigid primary structure. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a hollow fabric wing whose shape is formed by its suspension lines, the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing and the aerodynamic forces of the air flowing over the outside.

Despite not using an engine, Para glider flights can last many hours and cover many hundreds of kilometers, though flights of 1–2 hours and covering some tens of kilometers are more the norm. By skilful exploitation of sources of lift the pilot may gain height, often climbing to altitudes of a few thousand meters.

Para gliders are unique among soaring aircraft in being easily portable. The complete equipment packs into a rucksack and can be carried easily on the pilot's back, in a car, or on public transport. In comparison with other air sports this substantially simplifies travel to a suitable takeoff spot, the selection of a landing place and return travel. Rated among the top ten flying sites in the world, Bir offers the most spectacular flying in the lower Himalayas. If you are a pilot or wish to be one then this is a must.

The High flight takeoff is 1000m above LZ and 2400m above sea level. Bside this is for repeat customers who are known to be comfortable in long flight, we do cross country. It flight from Bir to Palampur, but it’s not recommended for first time passengers. Also this is highly weather dependant though not easy to sell as package.


Applicable Seasons

 Feb end to June mid and

Oct second week to Dec third week

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Booking Policy

full% Advance, Balance payable start of the Trip

Price Per Person

RS. 5000, Min 1

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