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Kune Waterfalls

Kune Waterfalls

Detailed Description

The Kune Waterfalls is located centrally within the Lonavala - Khandala valley. This is a three-tiered waterfall with a total height of 200 metres (660 feet) with the highest drop being 100 metres (330 feet).The entire waterfall is a magnificent work of art, by mother nature and is encircled with lush greenery.





Kune Falls is one of the main attractions in Khandala, and attracts attracts tourists in large numbers during the rainy season when the waterfall is in its peak  and flows down with a huge gush.





The exceptionally heavy rains at the hill station adds to the beauty of the place. In fact, the Kune Falls lasts for quite a few weeks even after the monsoon season is over. The serenity and the stunning beauty of the place is indescribable and must be experienced in person to fully understand the blessing that nature has bestowed on the valley in absolute abundance.





During the monsoon, the adjoining areas turns into calm green landscape and the falls also turns into a milky white stream. The exceptional heavy rainfall in this area adds beauty and an extra charm to this place.





The waterfall is centrally located in the Khandala- Lonavla valley and is a beautiful spot. Visitors from Mumbai can see the waterfall from a distance as they approach Khandala. Being a seasonal one, the falls will dwindle after about a month from the last rains.Near the falls, there is a well known Church, which acts as both a landmark for the falls plus a tourist attraction in itself.





Because of the rains, there is a lot of water at Kune this time of the year. Visitors can just stand there for a while and absorb the greenery all around. If you love nature, this is the place for you and take as many pictures as you like. If you love trekking, then you might even do a small trek to the base of the waterfall as it would be an interesting hike. Else relax once you have reached the falls, or better still, take a bath in the cold waters of the stream.




Timing: Sunrise to Sunset.
Duration: 1 day visit.
Height of the waterfall: 650 feet (200 meters).
Best time to visit: June to September.
Entry fee: N.A.
Open days: All days of the week.
Visit duration: 2- 3 hours.
Distance from Mumbai: 80 km (2 hours).
Distance from Pune: 70 km (1 hour 30 minutes).
Photography: Allowed.




How to Reach Kune Falls



By Road:



Travelers from Mumbai can take the famous Mumbai-Pune expressway to reach Lonavla bypass. Local transport is available to travel to Khandala and from thereon to Kune.
The Kune Missionary Church is the landmark to look for. It is a tourist attraction in itself, so visitors can spend some time in the church before proceeding to Kune.

From the church, it takes just a short walk to reach Kune falls. Travelers from Pune can get down at Khandala and follow the same route. Kune Falls is on the old Mumbai-Pune Highway and not the new Mumbai - Pune Expressway.



By Rail



The nearest Railway Station is Lonavala. If your coming from Mumbai or Pune, it’s better for tourists  to alight at Lonavala Railway Station. From here they can take local transport(share rickshaws or bus) and reach the falls that is about 10 km away. 







At Kune there are a lot of opportunities for adventure sports activities that are organised by adventure sport clubs.



-Swimming in the pond below the falls
-Family Picnics
-Rock Climbing
-Treks to Korigad, Raimachi Fort nearby
-Camp by the Pavna Lake, Tungarli Lake and Lonavala Lake
-Nature Walks




Places to see near the Waterfalls



-The Kune Church is located within the close proximity of Kune waterfalls and serves as a landmark to reach the waterfalls.



- The Duke’s Nose Peak.



- Karla Hills:(Ideal spot for the mountaineers).



- Karla Caves:(2000 year old Buddhists caves near Khandala).



- Bedsa Caves: At Kamshet near Khandala are large caves that are popular and visited by a lot of tourists.



-Bhaja Caves: Located in Lonavala inside the caves here there are figures of deities and mythological figures.



- Lohgad Fort: Built by Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj.



- Visapur Fort : Opposite to Lohagad Fort.


- Rajmachi Fort: The fort is located between Khandala and Lonavla and can be accessed from Tungarli Lake.



- Tikona Fort: This fort stands near Lonavla and there are a few Buddhist cave and some tanks that were used to store water.



-Tung Fort:  This was actually a watch post or a lookout tower. Lohagad , Visapur and Tikona forts could be seen from this fort.




-Lonavala Hill:  This hill is called the ‘Jewel of the Sahyadiri Hills’ and is 5 kms. from Khandala. From the hill, visitors will get a panoramic view of the Sahyadiri range.




-There are a number of lakes like the Bushi Lake, Lonavala Lake and Tulauli Lake which can be visited or an overnight camp can be orgainsed by these lakes.




Where to Stay and Eat



Ideally visitors from Mumbai and Pune can  go on a day's  trip to see the Kune waterfalls and all the tourist places in and around Lonavla and Khandala.




But if they are planning to stay overnight then there are many hotels near Kune Waterfalls and also in Lonavla and Khandala. Visitors can choose from luxurious suites to well-appointed cottages for a comfortable stay within their budget. Tourists can also use many other low-budget staying options available in plenty near Kune Waterfalls.




There are make-shift food stalls near the falls, but it is advisable to carry your own snacks and water as at times due to heavy rains the food stalls may or may not be open.
For a wholesome meal visitors can enjoy them at numerous hotels and restaurants at Lonavala and Khandala.







There is no official arrangement or infrastructure for camping at the falls. But adventure enthusiast seeking adventure can try their luck and seek permission from the local authorities and enjoy a camp near the falls.




A humble request to all tourists



While visiting Kune Waterfalls please do not litter and help keep the nature and surroundings clean by carrying back your thrash and disposing it in a decent manner.
Kindly support nature as these small actions by each one of us will help preserve our beautiful waterfalls.


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