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Thoseghar Waterfalls

Thoseghar Waterfalls

Detailed Description

Come monsoon, and Satara turns into a mountain-lovers paradise with its very own valley of flowers and natural waterfalls. Every year, the district of Satara receives veryheavy rainfall from July to September. During this time the entire region is covered with lush greenery andwaterfalls being the major attraction.



Thoseghar waterfall, is one of the many waterfalls located in this region, and it is believed to be the highest waterfall in Maharashtra, and the third highest in India.



There are a series of waterfalls in this area with some of them being 15 to 20 meters high, while the main Thoseghar waterfall is about 500 meters (1600) feet high.



The waterfall is located, near a picturesque Lake amidst dark woods in a hilly area, and is a calm and quiet place to spend memorable moments in the lap of nature.



Thoseghar is a tiny village that is known for its two waterfalls: the big and the small one.The big Thoseghar waterfall, locally known as Bada Dhabdhaba.It is about 500 meters (1600) feet high, and can be viewed from a specially made open gallery opposite it. It flows down to a rocky bed, that eventually connects to the nearby larger water bodies such as the Kaas Lake.The small Thoseghar waterfall is locally known as Chota Dhabdhaba, and is in the opposite direction from the big one.




Please note: During heavy rains tourist must be careful, especially if they are at the base of the waterfall as there have been incidents in the past when tourist have been too adventurous and have lost their lives.



The drive to Thoseghar



From Satara city, the drive to this village makes one of the most feel good journeys in  the Western Ghats. The landscape during monsoon seems to be hand painted in different shades of green.



Another common sight on the way to Thoseghar, is the numerous windmills that line the hills that run parallel to the Ghats. They make a perfect white spinning crown atop the lush green peaks.



Best time to visit: July to November is the best time to visit; else the entire region is brown and barren for the most part of the year.



Entry Fee: There is a nominal entry fee and car parking charges.



Things to do



The Valley of Flowers (Kaas Plateau) and the Thoseghar Waterfalls are the primary attractions in this region. Other tourist attractions include the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary,Pratapgad and Sajjangad Forts.



How to reach



From Mumbai –:


Tourist coming by car from Mumbai can reach Pune. From Pune they can continue their journey to Satara and thereon drive down 25 km to the Thoseghar falls.


Tourist coming by public transport can reach Pune. From Pune (Swargate) board a bus to Satara and from there on board a bus or hire a rickshaw to the Thoseghar falls.
Distance from Mumbai to Thoseghar falls: 280 km and takes about 5 hours and 30 minutes.





From Pune –:


Thoseghar waterfalls can be reached using public transport or by car. There are regular buses from Swargate (Pune to Satara) and from Satara tourist can board a bus or hire a rickshaw to the Thoseghar falls.



Distance from Pune to Thoseghar falls: 138 km and takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes.




Where to stay and eat:



Tourist coming from Mumbai and far away areas of Maharashtra can plan an overnight stay in Satara city.There are several hotels, motels and lodges available in al budgets.The city being 25 km from Thoseghar falls serves as an excellent base to explore other attractions near Satara.



Satara has several restaurants which cater to all kinds of tourist and is an ideal place to have meals.Thoseghar is a small village and has a few small restaurants, eateries and food stalls where tourist can enjoy snacks, tea and coffee.But it is advisable for tourist to keep sufficient eatables/snacks and water during their visit.



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