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Beaches in and around Tarkarli

Beaches in and around Tarkarli

Detailed Description

For all you beach buffs looking for a quiet and peaceful getaway, come and discover the virgin beaches in and aroundTarkarli that are slowly becoming a popular and are a perfect weekend destination for all holiday makers.




Tarkarli Beach

Known as the Queen of Konkan Beaches, the long shoreline and pristine clear waters make this beach the most visited attraction in Tarkarli and it is an ideal place to spend time with your buddies and loved ones.

This beach is gaining popularity with travelers as the sea here is untouched by pollution and on a clear sunny day one can see the seabed clearly with shells scattered and other marine life up to a depth of 15 to 20 feet.

Holidaying on this beach is a truly unforgettable experience as there are numerous water sport and adventure activities to choose from and if lucky tourist will also get a glimpse of dolphins and turtles.

Apart from indulging in water sports activities, tourist who are keen to become professionals in water sports can also sign up for programs and courses offered by professional agencies  at the beach and some of the programs offered are ‘Open Water’, ‘Rescue Diver’, ‘Advanced Water’, ‘Dive Master’ and Certified Diving Courses.

Things to do : Swimming, Surfing, Boating, Dolphin Spotting, Banana rides, Jet ski, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Relaxing at the beach, Watching the sunset, etc.




Chivla Beach

Chivla Beach is an ideal place for tourist visiting Tarkarli to relax and spend time away from the crowds and other busy beaches of Malvan.

This beach is secluded and is an ideal place to relax; at the same time it is also very close to numerous attractions of Tarkarli giving tourist ample time to relax as well as to make a visit to the attractions as their own convenience.

Here tourist can also opt for a home stay in front of the beach and experience the Konkani lifestyle along with scrumptious Malvani home cooked meals and enjoy long walks on the empty stretch of the beach. Sunset at this beach is a beauty to experience and furthermore strolling here under the moonlight is an unforgettable experience.

Furthermore, Chivla Beach is a fishing beach with lots of fishing activity taking place during the day; tourist can watch the same and also get an experience of the auction that takes place between fishermen after the catch on the beach.

Things to do: Swimming, Surfing, Relaxing by the beach, Experience a home stay, Watch local fishermen at work, Enjoy long walks by the beach enjoying the sunset.




Devbagh Beach

The Devbagh Beach is located south of Tarkarli and is in form of a triangle and ends at the place where the Karli River meets the sea. This beach in recent times has become more popular than Tarkarli beach and it is here where most of the action takes place i.e. water sports and adventure sport activities.

This beach is more commercialized than other beaches of Malvan and has a good amount of food stalls and many seaside houses which have now been converted into home stays and resorts.

Close to Devbagh beach there is a small island formed in the River and it is popular by the name of Tsunami Island. To reach this island one has to take a ferry to enjoy water sports and other activities held on the island.

Apart from having a variety of water sports activities the best part about the Tsunami Islands is that its water levels keep fluctuating adding to the excitement of being on the islands.

Here tourist can enjoy 5 types of water sports: Jet Ski, Banana Ride, Bumper Ride, Motor Boat Ride and Motor Scooter.

Tourist can also hire a boat and cover the following spots along the coastline of Tarkarli/Devbagh i.e. Crocodile Point,Dolphin Spotting, Golden Rock, Seagull Point and get a view of few other smaller beaches along the Konkan coastline.




Kolamb Beach

Have you ever dreamt of owning a beach? Well this dream will be realized once your visit the Kolamb beach. This beach is ideal for those who are looking to spend some time by the beach in solitude with their partners and loved ones.

Tourists can relax the whole day long and take long walks on the empty beach towards the endpoint till they reach the Kolamb creek. The beach is popular point for dolphin spotting and a few water sports activities.

Furthermore, the beach has some simple and beautiful home stays hidden within picturesque coconut plantations and tourist can try out some homemade local delicacies and make their visit a more fulfilling one. Overall the beach is clean, neat and peaceful and the sunset at all beaches in this region will leave you spell bound.

Things to do: Dolphin Spotting, Boat Rides, Swimming, Surfing, Boating and Relaxing by the beach.




Bhogwe Beach

Located 20 Km from Tarkarli, this beach is a gem waiting to be discovered and is amongst the prettiest and the most secluded beaches in the Konkan region. This beach has a rocky formation in certain parts with white sands and a dense forest cover with a fort at the backdrop.

The sea at the beach is crystal clear and the visibility on a sunny day is more than 6 to 8 feet. Swimming and Sunbathing are some of the beach activities tourist can enjoy here at peace as this beach has not been hit by commercial water sport activities.

Apart from enjoying the beach ambiance on a clear day nature lovers will get glimpses of dolphins frolicking in the lagoons and a variety of sea birds along the sea shore.

Things to do: Swimming, Sunbathing or lazing around, Dolphin spotting, Bird watching, Sunset, View the confluence to Karli River with the sea.




Nivati Beach

The Nivati beach is a picture perfect virgin beach with beautiful hillocks in the backdrop and is located about 25 km from Tarkarli.

Throughout the year this beach has a very less crowd hence it is one of the cleanest beaches in the Konkan region with white sands and blue waters which have a mesmerizing effect on visiting tourist.

Nivati beach can be reached via road from Kudal, but the more adventurous way of reaching the beach is by boat. Tourist can hire a boat from Devbagh beach and the boat ride will take them from the backwaters into the Arabian sea and in no time they will reach Nivati beach while enjoying the view of the pristine blue sea and if lucky they may even spot dolphins jumping around.

But tourist must carry basic amenities like water, snacks, dry clothes and a first aid kit as nothing much will be available at the Nivati beach and a whole round trip by boat will take at least 3- 4 hours depending on the time they would like to spend at this secluded beach.

Things to do: Relax and laze around the beach, Swimming, Dolphin Spotting, Hire a boat and visit various spots along the coast, Visit a lighthouse nearby and watch local fishermen launching boats and carrying out fishing activities.




Achara Beach

Clear blue waters, white sands and only sounds of water with perfect views of the sunset is what describes Achara beach, a virgin beach located 28 km from the village of Tarkarli is an ideal place for city dwellers to recharge their mind and body.

The beach is popular for its clear water and high waves and is slowly becoming a popular spot for water sports and is a paradise for swimmers and dolphin watchers.

Apart from the beach visiting tourist can also pay a visit to the ancient Rameshwar Temple and a 115 year old library in the nearby vicinity of Achara village.

Things to do: Swimming, Surfing, Relaxing and Lazing around the beach, Dophin Spotting, Water sport activities and other beach activities.



Tondavali Beach

Located 25 km from Tarkarli, the Tondavali beach gives a feeling of heaven on earth as it has an amazing ambiance which disconnects us from the world. So, if you really want to discover yourself and would like to experience peace and serenity then do visit this beach.

This hidden gem is located remotely and it is strongly recommended to visit this beach on your own vehicle or on a hired one. Tourist can also opt for an adventurous boat ride from Malvan. A whole round trip will take you about 3- 4 hours depending how much time you would like to spend at this quiet and secluded beach.

The beach water is absolutely safe and has some good waves which are ideal for surfing. Not many tourists are aware of this beach hence you won’t find much of a crowd, so ideally visit this beach in a big group of friends to really enjoy yourself without getting bored. The beach is also ideal for family reunions or gatherings or for spending a quite holiday with your loved ones.

Things to do: Relax and Laze around, Swimming, Surfing, Dolphin Spotting and other beach activities.




Arse Mahal Beach

The Arse Mahal beach is a secluded beach and is an extension of the well known Chivla beach and has a patrolling center and an ancient navy detachment.

The beach is perfect for couples who would like to enjoy some privacy and spend some quality time with their partners. The beach also offers beautiful views of the Sindhudurg fort and sunset into the Arabian Sea.

Things to do: Swimming, Surfing, Long walks by the beach, relaxing and Lazing around.




Vengurla Beach

Located at a distance of 50 km from Tarkarli, Vengurla is popular for its long stretch of five sandy beaches lined with cashew, coconut and jackfruit trees and ringed by high mountains at the backdrop.

Today, the beaches of Vengurla are cleaner and peaceful and are considered as a better alternative to beaches in Goa by many visiting tourist. These beaches also have a certain degree of historic importance and were once an important trade center during the 16th and 18th century.

Things to do: Swimming, Relaxing and Lazing around. Boat rides, Lighthouse near Vengurla Jetty.



My Tip:

While visiting Tarkarli and its nearby beaches there are a few things visiting tourist must take note of Tarkarli village and its nearby areas shut down by 8:00 p.m. and unlike Goa it does not have any kind of nightlife, disco or pub culture. So ideally return back to your hotel, guest house or home stay and avoid lingering around the village alone at night.


Sunset is one of the best time to spend at the beaches and take long walks but do carry a torch and some mosquito repellent cream in case you return back at dark as most of the streets connecting the beaches are without light or dimly lit.


Wake up early in the morning and carry a binocular to the beach to spot dolphins; this is the best time if you want to see dolphins as early morning hours are quite and the chances of seeing them are more.


Water sport and adventure sport activities can be enjoyed during the day.


In case you are planning to beach hop then hire a bicycle or an Activa scooter to get you around at your own pace and comfort.

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