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Water Sports in Tarkarli

Water Sports in Tarkarli

Detailed Description

The quaint fishing village of Tarkarli has become one of the most sought after destination for water sports in Maharashtra and the Tsunami Island located off the banks of Devbaug is the centre of all water sports activities in Tarkarli.


Today, Tarkarli offers innumerable opportunities for water sport activities across its far flung coastline. It gives visiting tourist an ideal holiday experience while offering some daring water sports activities like Scuba Diving and snorkeling.


The breathtaking coastline of Tarkarli remains open throughout the year but the best season to enjoy water sports in Tarkarli is from October to May when the skies are sparkling bright and the Arabian Sea is calm and placid.


So let’s have a look at the exciting water sports and joy rides tourist can enjoy during their visit to Tarkarli.




Scuba Diving

Tarkarli has a beautiful stretch of beaches and is home to a variety of colorful coral reefs, exotic fishes and sea plants waiting to be explored. Tarkarli gained popularity in the recent years as it is the only place in Maharashtra where you can scuba dive as the waters near the Sindhudurg fort are relatively clear and safe for both juvenile and experienced divers.


At the diving venue there are several instructors and diving guides who are very helpful and patient and even if one does not know swimming they can try out this activity and further even enroll for a special certified course in Scuba Diving.


Currently there are two types of scuba diving available at Tarkarli i.e. Commercial Scuba Diving and Cylinder Type Scuba Diving. Each dive last for about 30 minutes and the best time for Scuba diving is between the months of October to April.


The surprise element here is the cost of experiencing scuba diving which is the most economical compared to anywhere in India.





Snorkeling is an excellent way to explore the marine life in its natural setting without using any heavy equipment unlike scuba diving and above all it appeals to people of all ages as it requires little practice and effort.


Primarily, Snorkeling in Tarkarli is done near the Sindhudurg fort the other sites ideal for snorkeling are at nearby Devbagh Sangam and Vengurla Rocks. Once tourist reach the venue they will be given the required equipments and a guide will then give them information about the corals and fishes in the region. They will also be provided with fish food which is an exciting experience as they will get a chance to see fishes up close as they eat out of their hands.


The best time for this recreational activity is between 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. as during this time the sun is bright and the water is clear. The surprise element here is that the cost of experiencing snorkeling in Tarkarli is pretty less as compared to anywhere else in India.  


Visitors who are keen on taking up snorkeling and scuba diving more seriously can enroll in Scuba diving and Snorkeling Training Center recently started by MTDC at Tarkarli.





If you want to fly like a bird then Parasailing is the sport for you. In this activity the participant holds on to a parachute which is attached to a motorboat of high power.


For Parasailing the participants must be comfortable with heights and this sport will give them a bird’s eye view of the entire landscape, beaches and coasts of Tarkarli and waters of the Arabian Sea. High fliers amongst speed lovers must surely opt for this adventure activity to give them an adrenalin rush.


Parasailing activity is available in major beaches of Tarkarli and Parasailing operators here are well equipped with the necessary equipments for tourist to enjoy this exciting sport.


Recently Parasailing has also been introduced in the backwaters of Karli where tourist can fly over the backwaters and get a beautiful view of the confluence (Sangam) of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea.


The pristine beachside of Tarkarli is a haven for adventure sports like Para sailing but visiting tourist should choose a reputed operator before taking part in these adventure sports.


Safety tips:

Before taking off for the ride check the chord, harness and Parasailing gear all should be in good condition.
Avoid Para sailing when it is raining or when winds are too strong.



Banana Ride

The Banana Ride in Tarkarli is an all time favorite water sport activity enjoyed by adults, kids and families. The activity involves an inflatable boat which is similar in shape to a banana and is attached to a motorboat, around 4 to 6 people can be accommodated in one Banana boat at a time.


Once all the participants are seated on the Banana boat, the boat takes off to a designated area in the water and as it sprints into the water the Banana Boat will toss away all the participants into the water. After being flung into the water, the participants will have to pull themselves back into the Banana boat. The funniest part about this ride is that every time the participants get back on the Banana boat they will be flung back again into the water.


This water sport activity is absolutely safe and life jackets are provided to each participant for their comfort and safety. This activity does not require any initial training the only criteria being that every participant should have no fear for water and should be at ease while participating in the activity. Banana rides can be enjoyed at all major beaches in and around Tarkarli.




Bumper Ride

Bumper Rides also known as 'Tubing' is about riding on tiny rounded boats on water and can be enjoyed by children above the age of 10 and adults alike.


The typical Bumper boat in Tarkarli is an inflatable boat available in various shapes and sizes. The Bumper boat is attached to a speed boat and as it speeds into the water the Bumper boat jumps up and down along with the waves and the riders get a feeling of the bumps and flights in the water.


The Bumper boat can carry about 2 - 4 participants at a time depending on its size and safety jackets are provided to every participant. This activity does not require any initial training the only criteria being that every participant should have no fear for water and should be at ease while participating in the activity. Bumper rides can be enjoyed at all major beaches in and around Tarkarli.




Jet Ski

Jet Skiing is the ultimate water sport for all speed lovers. It is one of the most thrilling water sports activities amongst all the other water sports at Tarkarli. Jet Skiing is done by sitting on a water borne vehicle, which can be run by using an accelerator. The engine that is used in the Jet Ski is very powerful and can be run on much higher speeds. The Jet Skis available in Tarkarli are powered at 100 - 135 horse power and though being a powerful machine it has very simple features and is easy to use.


However, in order to maintain safety in the waters the operators of Jet Ski in Tarkarli operate in a pre-defined area in order to avoid any sort of accidents. Jet Skis are not given directly to the tourists but a guide is provided with each Jet Ski and these guides keep a complete check on the ride while insuring the participant enjoys every moment of this action packed activity and at the same time ensure safety and avoid any sort of accidents happening. Jet Ski rides can be enjoyed at all major beaches in and around Tarkarli.


So if you are seeking adventure then don't look any further and book yourself for a Jet Ski ride and realize your dream come true at Tarkarli.




Speed Boat

If Jet Ski is not enough to quench your thirst for speed then move over to speed boating on the pristine blue waters of the Arabian Sea at Tarkarli. Fast and furiously racing in the waters of the sea, speed boats will give a sense of excitement that lasts for long.


Speed boating activities here at Tarkarli are managed by professional operators and the boats are well equipped for a safe ride and can carry about 4, 6 to 8 people at a time.


In Tarkarli there are a few beaches that will give you an opportunity to experience a speed boat ride and it is an ideal way to explore the entire coastline of Tarkarli, Devbagh and the surrounding areas therefore do not miss your chance of that nerve chilling experience.





If you are a traveler who loves to explore places at your own pace and are not really interested in speed and adventure sports, then hire a boat or a fishing jetty and explore the beauty of the entire coastline of Tarkarli along the Arabian Sea, just relax and chill out and treasure some magical moments of your life.


Ideally leave early in the morning and hire a boat from Tarkarli beach or Devbaug beach; this is the best time to spot dolphins and other aquatic life. Apart from dolphin spotting, tourist can opt for boating packages and visit nearby islands, beaches and other attractions like Vengurla Rock, Light house and the Confluence of Karli and Arabian Sea.


Young couples can take a romantic boat ride along the Tarkarli backwaters and enjoy the beauty of the Karli River in solitude and take back home wonderful memories of Tarkarli.





Would you like to go for a relaxed paddle ride along the coastline or backwaters of Tarkarli???. Then try Kayaking which is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful coastline, backwaters and areas in and around Tarkarli.


Kayaking is a very popular activity with youngsters and there are a few operators in Tarkarli who will guide you to the ideal spots for Kayaking in Tarkarli like fresh water canals and the backwaters of Tarkarli along with experienced guides.



Game Fishing

Tarkarli is fishing village with a long coastline and is also home to a few beautiful lakes and rivers which provide an ideal hunting ground for fishing enthusiast.


No matter what your fishing skills, visiting tourist can add more excitement to their trip by going on a fishing expedition and catch a variety of fishes like snappers, goldfish, catfish, barramundi, sea salmons etc.


For first timers, fishing can be a very relaxing and stimulating experience and a perfect chance to visit unknown territories and get a glimpse of the countless treasures of the sea.




Do you like the feeling of being on top of the waves while gliding across the sea surface? Well if it feels awesome then you must visit the beaches of Tarkarli and try out Surfing.


Overall surfing is new to India, but this water sport activity is picking up slowly in the beaches of Tarkarli with locals and visiting tourist trying their hand on this water sport on the numerous beaches of Tarkarli.


The beaches of Tarkarli are an ideal location for surfing as the morning breeze is generally light and steady which is just right for beginners, while the stronger winds set in during the afternoons which offer a perfect challenge for the more experienced.


Surfing is one sport which all visiting tourist must try as it sure sets your pulses racing, but make sure you engage a professional operator or guide who will maintain all safety standards as required.





Swimming in the waters of Tarkarli is one of the most relaxing activities for a visiting tourist as it relaxes both mind and body. This water activity can be enjoyed by all be it young, old, rich or a budget traveler.


Tarkarli has the warmest oceans in the world and is ideal for fun and frolic, and almost all beaches here are suitable for swimming. This activity does not require any equipment apart from a swimming costume of your own and a desire to roll and jump in the waves spilling from the Arabian Sea.




Sea world in Tondavali

Very soon the quaint village of Tondavali which is 20 km from Tarkarli will be home to India’s first oceanarium and will be known as the Sea World.


This is a major initiative taken by the state government to promote tourism in and around Malvan and Tondavali was an obvious choice for the Sea World project because of the long coastline comprising of many virgin beaches.


The Sea World at Tondavali will be home to a water park, dolphin stadium, 3d theatre, amphitheatre, underwater studio, several themed restaurants, amusement arcades and a replica model of life in Antarctica.  




Safety Tips

-Always wear a life jacket whenever you take part in any water sports activity.

-Avoid water sports if it’s raining or when the sea gets rough or when winds are too strong.
-Water sports can be dangerous hence do not try any stunts especially if you are a beginner so listen and follow the  instructions of the instructors.

-Scuba diving, Snorkeling and Parasailing should be done by adults only, children above the age of 10 can do the same in presence of their elders.
-While trying out Scuba diving and Snorkeling follow the pre diving briefings carefully and handle the snorkel carefully.

-Always take advice and guidance from the life guards or locals before venturing into the water for swimming.



So look no further than Tarkarli.....Come along and spark your adventure bug....Book yourself a tour to Tarkarli.....Realize your dreams and enjoy the magnificent water sports at Tarkarli.

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