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Places to visit in and around Tarkarli

Places to visit in and around Tarkarli

Detailed Description

Tarkarli is a small beach village in the Malvan taluka of Sindhudurg district, the coastal area of this sleepy town is dotted with tiny fishing hamlets and they serve as an unusually beautiful place for beach lovers.

Tarkarli got its name due to its location as in olden days travelers had to cross the Karli River to reach this village. Today the village of Tarkarli is very colorful place to be and possess a zest for life, it is an ideal place for ‘Mumbaikars’ to spend their weekends and rejuvenate their senses away from the chaos of the city.

Tarkarli has something to offer for every traveler, be it a relaxed vacation by the seaside or an action packed thrilling water sport holiday or a walk down the alleys recalling the ancient history of Sindhudurg. Furthermore, this untouched heaven is easily accessible from all major cities of Maharashtra and neighboring states.

So if you are planning a trip to Tarkarli with your loved ones or with your buddies then there are some nice places to see in and around Tarkarli that you will surely love and will take back home some wonderful memories.



Tarkarli Beach:

The Tarkarli beach is the main attraction of Tarkarli, the beach has a beautiful stretch of soft white sand, clear blue waters with shuru trees at the backdrop which never fail to charm the heart of a traveler.

On a clear sunny day the bottom of the sea is visible up to 20 feet giving visiting tourist an exclusive view of the marine life. If lucky tourist can also catch a glimpse of dolphins jump around in the waters or turtles nesting by the beach.

Besides lazing around on the beach, water sports enthusiast can enjoy a wide range of water sport activities like Snorkeling, Banana rides, Jet Ski etc.

Chivla Beach:

This is a small arc shaped beach having a beautiful stretch of soft sands and clear waters and rocky expanses on either ends of the beach.

This beach borders the Malvan town from the northwest and is a pretty secluded beach with not much activity; the deserted environment is ideal for travelers who like it quite and can spend time lazing around the whole day and watch the sun go down.

Devbagh Beach:

The Devbagh beach is about 5 km from the popular Tarkarli beach; the beach juts out from the mainland into the sea and is the ideal place to view the Sangam(confluence) between the Karli river flowing on one side and the vast Arabian sea on the other side.

The beach is ideal place for nature lovers as the entire stretch is clean and safe for swimming and is surrounded by coconut plantations where tourist can enjoy relax by the seaside hammocks and chill.

When here, tourist can make a visit to the Tsunami islands after a short boat ride, indulge in adventure sport activities like banana rides, jet ski, paragliding, parasailing, take a boat ride into the sea for dolphin spotting and watch migratory birds in the shallow waters of the beach.

Kolamb Beach:

The beautiful Kolamb Beach is nearby to Tarkarli beach and it is relatively empty which gives tourist a feeling of being on a private beach.

The beach is perfect for travelers who want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time by the sea and when here the only sound they will hear is of the waves hitting the shores of the beach.

Overall the beach is clean and neat and the glimpse of the sunset here will leave you spell bound. The clear waters of the beach are popular for dolphin spotting and water sport activities. Also at the end of the beach there is a creek and is known as the Kolamb creek.

There are many more beaches in the near vicinity and travelers on an extended vacation to Tarkarli can visit thefollowing beaches

- Arse Mahal beach
- Achra beach
- Tondavali beach
- Vengurla beach
- Bhogwe beach
- Nivati beach

Please click here to know more about the Beaches in and around Tarkarli.


Sindhudurg Fort:

The district of Sindhudurg gets its name from this fort and was built by Chhatrapati  Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1664 on the rocky ‘Kurte’ Island.The fort is a beautifully built structure and offers spectacular views of the Arabian Sea.

Since the fort lies about a km into the sea from the Malvan jetty it takes about 20 – 30 minutes to reach the fort by ferry. This is the major attraction in Tarkarli and every year thousands of tourists visit this fort to catch a glimpse of the pride of Sindhudurg and the glory of the great Maratha kingdom.

The major attractions within this naval fort are the temples of Shivajeshwar, Hanuman, Jarimari and Goddess Bhavani which are all in good shape. Apart from the temples there a few water tanks and sweet water wells within the fort complex.

Recently the area around the fort has become popular venue for water sport activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.
Visiting hours: 08:00 am to 06:00 pm, all days of the week.
Entry Fee: INR 50.(Jetty ride with return fare).
Visit Duration: 1 hour.


Sarjekot Fort:

The Sarjekot fort is amongst the chain of forts built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in and around Malvan. Historically this fort was built around the year 1668 and is located on the mouth of Talashil Estuary at a distance of 3 km from Sindhudurg fort and Malvan jetty.

In the olden days this fort had its own importance as during monsoon season an entire fleet of Maratha ships used to be anchored at the creek where the fort stands. Today the fort is still in good condition and visitors often come here to enjoy the spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset.

Visiting hours: Sunrise to Sunset, All days of the week
Entry fee: N.A.
Visit Duration: 1 hour.


Padmagarh Fort:

The mighty Padmagarh fort was built during the 17th century by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and is one of the great symbols of the Maratha empires rich historical past.

Situated near Tarkarli the fort was built with the intent to strengthen the outer defenses of Sindhudurg fort and in the olden days it was reportedly the main ship building base of Shivaji’s might navy.

Today this fort lies in ruins and stands about a quarter of a mile from the sea shore and almost gets connected to main land during a low tide by a narrow stretch of sand.

Visiting hours: Sunrise to Sunset, All days of the week
Entry fee: N.A.
Visit Duration: 1 hour.


Shree ShivChhatrapati Temple:

“Jai Bhavani…..Jai Shivaji” this is what you will chant after visiting the only temple dedicated to  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj located inside the Sindhudurg fort complex.

Built by the younger son of Shivaji Maharaj “Rajaram” in the year 1695, the major attractions within the temple are the idol of Shivaji Maharaj carved out of blackstone, a sword that is believed to belong to Shivaji and the hand and foot impressions of Shivaji Maharaj.

This temple is well maintained has its own importance and it is visited by locals on a regular basis to pay their respects to the great king.When here tourists can know more about the history of the fort and the temple from the local priest. 

Mahapurush Temple:

The village of Tarkarli is famous for its celebrations of the Ram Navmi festival which is celebrated with great fanfare by the locals and visiting tourist at the Mahapurush temple every year.

To mark the occasion there are various dramas and plays organized in Marathi (i.e. Marathi Natak’s) which is enjoyed by locals and visiting tourist. Later in the evenings tourist can participate with locals and offer prayers at the Mahapurush temple.


Jai Ganesh Temple:

The Jai Ganesh temple is located at a very calm and quite location near the Rock Garden and it was built a few years ago by a well known astrologer Jayant Salgoankar taking into consideration vastu shastra and astrology principles.

The temple is designed in a typical Maharashtrian style and is all white in color and has 2 elephant idols greeting you at the entrance and inside the temple premises there are 8 different mudras of lord Ganesh on the ceiling. The main idol of Lord Ganesh inside the temple is believed to be made of gold and stands in the traditional pose with Riddhi-Siddhi(Consorts of the lord) on both sides.

There is a small pond besides the temple which is full of lotus flowers and small fishes and is an ideal place to relax. Devotees of Lord Ganesha can take part in the aarti which is held every evening between 7:30 p.m. & 8:00 p.m.

Kunkeshwar Temple:

This temple is located at the Kunkeshwar beach and is about 45 km from Tarkarli, after an hour’s drive from Tarkarli tourist will reach Kunkeshwar and can then visit the ancient temple which was built way back in the 12th century.

This temple is regarded as a holy place in the Konkan region, and is also popular as ‘Konkan Kashi’ and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are many legends associated with this temple and the most famous being of Shivaji Maharaj who was a regular visitor to the temple.


Rameshwar Temples:

The ancient temple of Rameshwar in Achara village is located 23 km from Tarkarli. The temple’s basic structure was built way back in 1684 A.D. and later the present structure was constructed in the year 1805.The temple has a huge courtyardand  a self immersed Shivalingam within the Sanctam.

Many traditional activities are performed here with great enthusiasm, the major ones being the Ram Navami festival and the Shravani Somavar when the temple is thronged by devotes.

Sateri Devi Jal Mandir:

A feeling of bliss will set in once you reach Sateri Devi temple located in Bilwas village at a distance of 15 km from Tarkarli.

Also known as “Jal Mandir” the temple is surrounded by water on 3 sides and a there is a dense forest cover all around, the temple is dedicated to a local deity and it is thronged by devotes from all over the region during important festivals.

The major highlight of this temple is the calmness and piousness associated with it. Visiting tourist can spend peaceful moments within the temple or simple relax by the fringes of the temple with their feet immersed in water and enjoy a natural fish pedicure.

Backwaters of Karli

Today, tourists from Maharashtra need not travel all the way to Kerala to experience a stay on a houseboat or a take boat ride on the backwaters. Tarkarli has its own backwaters at the Sangam(confluence) of Karli River and the Arabian sea near the Karli creek which is known for its immense scenic beauty in the region.

The houseboat ride by the Karli River is a beautiful experience and its memories will surely last visiting tourist for a lifetime, the Karli River is bordered with verdant forests which add to the overall appeal of the backwaters and at some points they will get glimpses of the local fishermen community and other settlements along the backwaters. Currently MTDC runs two houseboats on the Karli River and is ideal for a one day trip (overnight) stay.

Furthermore, the water of Karli River are pretty clean and clear and is ideal for boat rides and water sport activities which are operational in full swing during tourist season from October to March.


Dhamapur Lake:

Located about 20 km from Tarkarli, Dhamapur Lake is an artificial Lake built during the 15th century by the then ruling King in between two villages of Are and Katta.

The Lake is well known for its clean and crystal clear waters and is surrounded by hills on both sides, to add to the scenic beauty there are dense plantations of mango, coconut and areca palms. Furthermore, since the lake is free from waves it is an ideal place for boating and other water sport activities.

Besides water sports, visiting tourist can relax in the huts and shacks surrounding the Lake and enjoy beautiful views of the Lake and migratory birds. Tourists who are religiously inclined can also visit the Bhagwati temple near the Lake and spend a wonderful time thereafter by the Lake with their family and loved ones.


Rock Garden:

The Rock Garden in Malvan is a peaceful and well maintained park bordered by natural rocks that meet the Arabian Sea. It is an ideal place for tourist to enjoy a morning walk or enjoy the colors of the sun during the magic hours of sunset.

The garden is well maintained and decorated with beautiful flowers and trees for tourist to relax and enjoy some familytime. Besides that there is a small garden with swings and rides for children and a toy train to keep children entertained.

When here, tourist can sit back on the rocks and enjoy the cool breeze of the sea and listen to natures music in form of waves while watching the sunset.

Visiting hours: 06:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. & 04:00 p.m. to 09:00 p.m.


Tsunami Island:

The Tsunami Islands in the middle of the sea is a small island or a patch of sand which stretches for about 1 km and is located near Devbagh beach. To reach this scenic island tourist have to take a short boat ride from Devbagh beach and the surprise element here is that during high tide this island gets completely submerged(i.e. about 1 – 1.5 foot) and during low tide it is completely visible.

But there is a myth associated with this place that the island was formed due to a Tsunami which occurred way back in the year 2004. But factually this is not true and the island always existed, over the years the locals have given the Island an imaginary name to promote water sports and tourism in this area.

But for visiting tourist this is where all the action takes place in Tarkarli as the beach cum island is the best place to enjoy long boat rides in the Arabian Sea and indulge in various water sports activities at cheaper rates as most tourists find it more enjoyable than anywhere else in India.

Water sports: Jet Ski, Water scooters, Banana rides, Bumper boats and Parasailing.

Boat rides: Tourist can opt for a boat ride package which will take them to about 7 different spots by the sea.

Malvan Marine Sanctuary:

Situated near the Sindhudurg fort is the Malvan Marine Sanctuary where visiting tourist can enjoy adventure activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

The sea floor around this area is loaded with plenty of beautiful corals, colorful fishes of different varieties and rare water plants. This is an ideal place for beginners and experienced divers to get introduced to a whole new world underwater.

All underwater activities are managed by trained professionals and tourist can choose from any of the following activities i.e. Snorkeling, Surface Diving and Scuba diving.

Furthermore tourist can rent a diving suit and get themselves filmed or photographed while performing scuba diving or other underwater activities.

My Tip:

While you are reading about Tarkarli and its nearby attractions like Devbagh - Malvan - Tarkarli all these places may seem close by, but it is not so as traveling between these villages may not be so comfortable as the public conveyance here is erratic.

If you are visiting Tarkarli on your own vehicle then there is not problem of commuting between villages and their attractions, but in case you do not have one then hire an Activa scooter which will cost you about INR 350 to 500 per day this is the ideal way to explore Tarkarli and its nearby areas at your own pace.

Travelling around Malvan is also not a problem as the town has directions marked at the main squares for the major tourist attractions and above all the local people are quite friendly and will guide you to your destination.

Local transport like rickshaws and buses are available but during peak tourist season it may be diffcult at times to get one and this could further spoil your trip.

Finally, Tarkarli and its nearby areas have still not been affected by mass tourism and commercialization and this is the right time for tourist to visit this region and enjoy the peace and tranquility and indulge in a variety of water sport activities and get the full value for their money before Tarkarli too gets bombarded by mass tourism.

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