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Things to do in Tarkarli

Things to do in Tarkarli

Detailed Description

If you are thinking that Tarkarli, is just a onetime visit then think again as after visiting Tarkarli you will look for an opportunity to visit this upbeat and exuberant destination again and again, till it becomes a tradition.


For some tourist it is a land of ‘Sun’, ‘Sand’ and ‘Sea’ and brings a mix of opulence and self indulgence, with pristine and deserted beaches ideal for a romantic getaway to a plethora of water sport activities to choose from.From sightseeing to visiting historic and religious places there are just too many things to do in Tarkarli.



Indulge in Watersports

Tarkarli is an adventurous place by itself, and water sport activities take it a step beyond. The beautiful and pristine beaches of Tarkarli are perfectly suited for a number of water sporting activities like Banana Rides, Bumper Rides, Jet Skiing, Speed Boat, Boating, Kayaking, Surfing and Swimming. Indulging in these activities is definitely one of the best things to do in Tarkarli and letting out the adventurer in you.



Visit the local Temples

If you want to club your holiday with a short pilgrimage then Tarkarli is the ultimate destination. There are several beautiful temples in and around Tarkarli and it is really worth spending time at these exquisite temples which have a rich heritage and stand for much more than just their architectural beauty. These temples today stand as signature of pride and glory of this paradise.

Major Temples : Shree Shivchhatrapati Temple, Mahapurush Temple, Jai Ganesh Mandir, Kunkeshwar Temple, Rameshwar Mandir, Satari Devi Temple.




Laze around the Beaches

When was the last time you really did nothing?, ‘No Calls’, ‘No texts’, ‘No Whatsapp’ or reading, exercising, Just Nothing?..... Never, well here is your chance.


If this sounds tempting then visits the beaches of Tarkarli, once here just wade into the clear waters, run and play around in the sands like a child, day dream, listen to the waves and just relax and do nothing.


Be it children, adults or senior citizens the beaches of Tarkarli are a delight for everyone, a long walk along the vast sea coast is something that will help you relax and rejuvenate and even then if you do not want to do any activity then just bask under the sun and spend your day lazily.




Backwater Rides

If your idea of a holiday is to sail along the river the whole day and enjoy the cool breeze in between the waters then the backwaters of Tarkarli is the place to be.


Explore the backwaters of Tarkarli located on the confluence of the Arabian Sea and the Karli River, a star attraction with visiting tourist as it the only backwaters in the state of Maharashtra and gives a feeling of cruising in the backwaters of Kerala.


The beauty of the backwaters of Tarkarli is beyond imagination and is ideal for couples to enjoy and is full of beautiful and surprising moments. Tourist can enjoy a boat ride for a couple of hours along the backwaters or opt for an overnight stay in the houseboats run by MTDC. During the cruise one will get to see a variety of birds, ducks, and marine life.


For those who are more adventurous can enjoy the real backwaters of Karli in solitude by going Kayaking, a Kayak can take you to places where a houseboat may not be able to take you and you will also get to see everyday life of the local people from close quarters discreetly, you will get a chance to get close to nature and get a close glimpse of rare birds and marine life.




Go back in History

Come to Tarkarli and watch the timeless history come alive once again, the coastline of Tarkarli is dotted with ancient forts and shrines which spell out the grand legacy of the great Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.


The sea forts of Tarkarli were built with great precision and vision by the warrior King and each fort finds a political and cultural significance in the glorious history of the Maratha Empire.


Even on this day, the forts are considered as one of the strongest marine forts and still have many ancient sculptures, canons, carvings and temples within the fort complex.


Major Forts: Sindhudurg Fort, Sarjekot Fort and Padmagarh Fort.




Laze around the Resort

Resorts in Tarkarli are an abode of peace and tranquility and are beautifully nestled amidst the picturesque beaches of Tarkarli.


A beach resort is an ideal place for tourist to laze around in the sunshine or relax in the beautiful in-house gardens while sipping their favorite drink and watching the waves kiss the shore as they rejuvenate their mind and body.


Besides lazing around on the hammocks, there are many other activities one can enjoy at the resort like meditation, swimming in the pool, enjoy a barbeque under the stars, play indoor games with family members and friends, read a novel or simple sit back and enjoy some soothing music and do nothing.




Shop for Malvani Items

Malvan may not be known as a great shopping destination, but there are a lot of food related ingredients and products which one can buy here as they are not only good in quality but also are a rare commodity and can be found only in this region.


Malvan is famous for its ‘Malvani Masala’ which is used in almost every Malvani cuisine, tourist must take back home some Malvani Masala and experiment with them in their daily cuisines back home.


The entire region is known for its cashew nut plantation, tourist can buy cashew nuts of their choice which is available in different flavors like salted, masala and normal. These are easily available at the many cashew shops at Malvanmarket. Also try out some cashew bars also known as ‘Chikki’ which are popular with children and adults alike and are easily available at local factory outlets. Tourist can buy some locally made specialties like Amba poli (Aam papad), Amba wadi, Kokam wadi and Karvande wadi.


Sea food lovers can continue with their sea food carnival back home by buying some of the best variety of fishes, prawns, crabs, lobsters at reasonable rates and packing them in a Thermocol box (preserves sea food for a day or 2) and drive down back to Mumbai.


Art lovers can buy a few wooden artifacts, wooden toys and other items of wood made by the local Sawantwadi artisans.




Go fishing with local fishermen

Experience a day in the life of a fisherman by going with them into the sea for fishing this is the best way to experience a real fishing adventure.


Travelers will get a chance to discover many interesting facts about a fisherman’s life at sea and will also get a chance to learn some interesting fishing tips from fishermen on casting of fishing nets and lines.


The more adventurous traveler can go night fishing with the local fishermen who are usually more than happy to get some more help from outside and come back next morning with a variety of fishes, oysters, lobsters and much more.




Watch Fishermen auction their catch

In Tarkarli, one of the best experiences for tourist is an early morning trip to the beach where they can watch fishermen land with their overnight catch so they can auction it off.


This is generally a huge auction which is both lively and entertaining, especially when fishermen and buyers speak in languages that are not known and their gestures and voice tone say it all.


For those who are inquisitive they will always find a few friendly fishermen who will share their experiences about their catch and the different varieties of seafood which are available in the mighty Arabian Sea and as to how they are priced and much more.




Go Dolphin Sighting

Dolphins are one of the most admired creatures of the marine world, come and see why in the one of the many Dolphins sighting trips organized in Tarkarli.


Dolphins are a thrill to watch and watching them in their natural habitat is an activity not to be missed. Hear their sounds and see them jump up and dunk in the water which is what makes them look wonderful and attracts thousands of tourist from far and wide.




Discover Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Tourist who are seeking excitement and fun during their visit to Tarkarli and are seeking to do something different can try out Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.


Gear up from head to toe for a memorable diving experience and discover the wealth underwater as you dive into the beautiful world of corals and colorful marine life and learn to scuba dive with an underwater specialist.


Towards the end of the activity get yourself pictured and filmed with the beautiful fishes and corals and later share them on social media.


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